Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Maggie woke up Christmas morning feeling much better! It was apparent immediately that she had been a very good girl this year! Maggie was thrilled to find her requested elephant ears headband, cozy elephant blanket, Littlest Pet Shop and her awesome pencil case waiting for her. These were all her requested items this year...Santa had an easy year! Mom, Howard and aunt Karen came over mid morning and opened presents with us. We spent much of the morning skateboarding, playing Guitar Hero and singing karaoke. Dinner was great despite I somehow wasn't paying attention when I put the turkey in the oven...upside down! Dad's green beans always seem to be our favorite.

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Optimist said...

HI Monica - found you through Brene! I've been reading your blog just now - we have a lot in common. I have a 3rd grade girl and a 6th grade boy, live in the museum district, I work at MD Anderson, love to take photos and am looking for a new puppy (Great Dane).
Nice to meet you!

I am wondering how you do the photo collage thingy and then post to your blog??? Very cool!
Love your pictures!

Cheers -