Saturday, October 31, 2009


We had a lovely Halloween as usual. The evening started at a neighborhood costume party...Maggie won the "most original costume" prize for being the Orange Fanta Girl. I think the borrowed go go boots borrowed from Aunt Kate made the costume! I couldn't get Maggie to agree to have her friends dress up as the other flavors...I thought it would really be cute and original. Later, we trick-or-treated at our usual haunts, visited the "Halloween Lady" and hung out at favorite friends' houses for the rest of the evening. I was a bit tired from all the walking but had a great time seeing everyone out and's great to have long standing traditions.

Rosie's Birthday

Rosie turned 1 years old today. We adore her and cannot imagine our family without her! We thought she would love a few sprinkles and whipped cream on her birthday biscuit...just like we like!
Friends, just wanted to let you know there are big efforts underway to put together a are calendar for the Phillips. This is an online calendar where we can sign up for the tasks they've identified as things they'd like help with. I know everyone is anxious to help; I will post the site information as soon as it is available! In the mean time, please continue the wonderful posts of love and encouragement on the Facebook page and, of course, the prayers and positive thoughts. You are all wonderful people, and I know why Monica and Ian have chosen you as their friends! - Jennifer

Friday, October 30, 2009

love abounds everywhere!

Monica heard from her doctor this afternoon. Her biopsy shows that her original kidney cancer has metastasized to both her lungs. Monica asked that I not sugarcoat this...this is the worst of the options that were out there. She will meet with another doctor Monday and hopefully begin aggressive chemo treatments ASAP. She will not be returning to work. She will be at school tomorrow to see the children and get her substitute in place, but will not be returning in a teaching capacity. This makes her sad but must be done. She is focusing on being with Maggie and Ian. This is definitely a time for prayer, and friends, I need you to know that it is urgent. Every prayer and good thought is desperately needed. - Jennifer

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Love Thursday

The biopsy went well this morning - no collapsed lung! While they assured her that wouldn't be a big deal, it was still the main fear. Anyway, Monica's home and planning on enjoying the evening with her family. Results in 3-5 days. Thanks for the good thoughts!" Here's what I can pass on from Monica: thank you for your support! She wants everyone to know that right now she is feeling fine. Her #1 priority is spending as much normal time with Maggie. So, while I know a lot of our instincts tell us to out by grabbing Maggie for play dates etc., Monica asks that we hold off on this kind of help until it is something they need. Same thing goes for food, etc. I know that there will be an organized effort for feeding the Phillips once they know more about what the future holds, and I'll be sure to get y'all those details as soon as I know them. Finally, if we could all try to keep the serious medical-talk out of earshot of Maggie (and all of those other children who hold Monica dear), I think that would be best. It will probably help all of us to keep some levity in our conversations, don't you think? The best thing we can do for the Phillips right now is send messages of support and pray. That about covers it. THANKS, Jennifer

Sunday, October 25, 2009

garden galore

Our fall garden has been quite abundant...don't know quite what to do with all the okra! As you can see, it grew past the roof!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spooky Spaghetti

It's not Spooky until you win a cake!
Mr. Baker even arrived as Elvis...who knew? :-)

Spooky Spaghetti was a little different this year...we had a volleyball game planned right in the middle! No worries, though. I served spaghetti whil Maggie played a bit then we played a great season ender game and then returned to the Spooky spghetti fun with friends. I was a bit worn out

Hi, everyone. As some of you may know, Monica has developed some new health concerns...her cancer is back. This is all very new, and she does not have a diagnosis yet, but the doctors are worried about her lungs. She feels good, and her great network at MD Anderson is helping to expedite the process. We've set up this Group as a way to get information out to you all as this all unfolds. Right now I’m having a little trouble getting things posted here, but soon I’ll get something up that gives some details of where they are and what their goals are. It is important to say, though, that they are thankful for your support and prayers. She’s love to hear from you through Facebook Message or on the phone after 8:30 pm. Thanks, Jennifer

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Girls Night Out

Nice distraction to an otherwise dreadful time for our family. Official word next week.

origami heaven

Today was Maggie's first day of her apprenticeship with origami artist, Joan Son. It was honestly a match made in Heaven. Maggie told me afterwards, "It was so great, Mama." For as long as I remember, Maggie has enjoyed creating with paper. This experience Maggie has been given couldn't have come at a better time. I know she will cherish her Tuesdays.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kate DiCamillo

Maggie and I went to see author Kate DiCamillo today. She had fabulous stories to tell and Maggie was able to get an autographed copy of her newest book, The Magician's Elephant!

Friday, October 16, 2009

class party

Tonight was Maggie's long awaited class party. Every class at her school has one...I'm thankful hers was more later than earlier in the year. The weather was nice and I think everyone had a great time!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Greek Festival

Today we went to Greek Festival with friends. We love to go to Greek Festival...even if we had to go in the rain! Despite the rain and REALLY frizzy hair, we had a great time watching the dancers, looking around in the Marketplace and eating all our favorite Greek foods!