Thursday, October 29, 2009

Love Thursday

The biopsy went well this morning - no collapsed lung! While they assured her that wouldn't be a big deal, it was still the main fear. Anyway, Monica's home and planning on enjoying the evening with her family. Results in 3-5 days. Thanks for the good thoughts!" Here's what I can pass on from Monica: thank you for your support! She wants everyone to know that right now she is feeling fine. Her #1 priority is spending as much normal time with Maggie. So, while I know a lot of our instincts tell us to out by grabbing Maggie for play dates etc., Monica asks that we hold off on this kind of help until it is something they need. Same thing goes for food, etc. I know that there will be an organized effort for feeding the Phillips once they know more about what the future holds, and I'll be sure to get y'all those details as soon as I know them. Finally, if we could all try to keep the serious medical-talk out of earshot of Maggie (and all of those other children who hold Monica dear), I think that would be best. It will probably help all of us to keep some levity in our conversations, don't you think? The best thing we can do for the Phillips right now is send messages of support and pray. That about covers it. THANKS, Jennifer

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