Monday, January 11, 2010


Monica had her appointment this morning with her oncologist's physician's assistant. This is her first week off chemo, but she keeps up those weekly appointments so that they can continue to monitor how her body is tolerating the chemotherapy. Today the PA was able to let her know that Friday's brain scan was clear and healthy. While this was not really something that the doctor's or Monica were concerned about, it is definitely nice to say "healthy brain." All seems to be going well, as far as they can tell. Monica has her nausea managed, and her primary side effect is simply lack of energy (and lack of sleep, which clearly doesn't help the lack of energy). Hopefully with these two weeks of rest, her body will have a chance to recover nicely before the next round starts. If you see Monica (she's been at school and otherwise out-and-about) you will notice she is sporting a new haircut. The volume of hair she was losing was so much, she decided to lessen it by getting a cute bob! The next couple of weeks may be quiet simply because there won't be much to report. Don't worry, I'll definetely get back to everyone as there's more information to disperse. - Jennifer

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