Monday, April 26, 2010

great news!

Good morning! I have good news from MDACC! Monica just called, and all looks really good on her scans. She is officially in “partial remission!” What a great word to be able to use! Monica had to clarify for me, “remission” = “not cancerous at this time.” The expectation is that it will come back at some point, but I’m happy to say that Dr. Seifker told her that the fact that she has responded so well to this treatment (less than 10% of patients who receive the same treatment get results as positive as Monica’s) is an indication that she should respond to other treatments, too. It makes me feel so much more comfortable to know that her doctors feel like they have a full toolbox for her.

Details of the scans: everything in her lungs continues to look good and is healing. There is nothing in the lungs that concerns Dr. Seifker. The spot on her spine continues to shrink and is closing nicely. It is even growing new bone, which is fantastic. The plan-forward is to continue chemo for 8 more weeks. After that, she will go through radiation treatment, essentially for good measure. Don’t know after that.

Today Monica will be admitted for her in-patient treatment. As y’all know, history tells us this will likely be a week of feeling pretty horrible for her. I am sure that going into it with such good news and realizing how worth it the chemo is will help her mentally. Even so, please continue the good thoughts and prayers. I know they hold her up. Thank you, all, for your continued friendship and support of the Phillips!

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