Thursday, October 2, 2008

I feel like Gladys Cravitz

Here's me peeking into Maggie's tennis lesson after I tutored today. I do a lot of that. That's how it goes at school, peeking in windows observing her class from the outside. Sad.
Here's a sticky situation I observed today and am nervous about what I should do. I smelled smoke...not food grilling. I witnessed a child from school setting a fire with his older brother at the park today during Maggie's tennis lesson. I ran towards them...not really knowing what was going on. The fire was about basketball sized made out of dry sticks and debris from the storm. I immediately put it out and lectured the boys (mostly to the middle schooler) about how dangerous the situation was and reminded them that they were not setting a good example for the younger kids that witnessed their fire building. The younger child was nervous...he knew me from school. His older brother (I assume he was supposed to be babysitting the younger child) was flippant and very disrespectful towards me. I thought it was over. Five minutes later I smelled smoke again. I located the boys and they were a few yards away but inside a backyard...the fence had blown down and had been removed after the storm. The fire was knee high but grew to waist high when an aerosol can was sprayed into the fire. Older brother looked at me and yelled, "This is my yard and I can do whatever I want in it." OMG!!! I was so upset...for many different reasons. I want to call his mother. I would hope someone would call me if Maggie did anything remotely as dangerous or disrespectful. I dialed the number many times...but chickened out and hung up. I don't know the parents. I've called so many parents over the weirdest disturbing things over the years through my job but somehow this was different. What would you do?


Mommy said...

I would call the parents. Not only was he disrespectful but he could hurt himself or someone else. If you are anything like me (which I think that might be the case), if something happened to him or his brother r/t this issue you would be devastated. I would call. Tomorrow. That's just my opinion. Take it or leave it. :0)

Nikki said...

Oh, Monica - that IS so scary. I hope that you will call the parents. Worst thing that can happen is that they are as disrespectful of your worry as their oldest son was. (But at least you will know that you have done something!) Best thing - they appreciate your concern and have a talk with their son and tell him all of the possible consequences of his actions. I'll say a prayer for you!