Saturday, October 18, 2008

Meet Lola!

We've always promised Maggie a dog...but told her only when we met the right never know when that may be! A couple of weeks ago we had a block party and a neighbor had just gotten a new puppy from BARC...the Houston dog pound. We fell in love with the puppy and were encouraged that such sweet dogs could be found at such a grim place. After searching for many days, we found Lola. It was a fight to get her...ask us about it sometime. Anyway, Lola is part yellow lab and who knows what else...I don't think she will be too big. She was so scared and pathetic when we brought her home and covered with hundreds of fleas. Maggie had a prior commitment that she and Ian had to attend with so it gave me a chance to get Lola cleaned up! After the professional groomers gave her a flea bath, nails clipped, ears cleaned out and a new collar/tag...she was ready to finally come home! She has adjusted well and already feels quite secure in her new home...even with Clementine lurking around. Without a doubt we waited for the right girl!

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Mrs. O'Connor said...

Wow - What a surprise! I didn't even know you were dog shopping!! Let us know when you need doggie sitters. We'd love to do it since we miss our sweet Martha Mutt so much.