Friday, April 10, 2009

Girl's Day Out

Today Maggie and I had no school due to Good Friday. We took advantage of our time and had a lot of fun! First we attended an origami class at Joan Son's studio in Montrose...where she focused only on making elephants today!!! What could be more perfect? We learned how to make 3 different kinds of elephants...Maggie couldn't thank me enough for taking her. She really was in her element. Then we ate at 59 Diner...her request. And last, we visited Texas Junk Company. The name implies exactly what we saw...a lot of junk! It was fun, though. We saw a lot of old stuff and had a great time. We will have to go back and take Ian with us!


Nikki said...

Glad y'all have had such a wonderful Easter weekend so far. Thanks for the link to Texas Junk Company. We'll have to check it out before we move. Any other Houston destinations we should put on our list to see before July?

"Sam" said...

These are so cute! Be sure to throw one in your suitcase to remind her how to make it & to teach Grandma Sam.