Sunday, April 26, 2009

Camp Agnes Arnold

Our trip to Camp Agnes Arnold will be our last camp out for the year. Overall, the girls had a great time. We lucked out with great crazy rain! The girls got to try their hand at archery (an old favorite from Maggie's camp days), learn how to use a compass, pitch a tent, wash dishes by hand and cook in a dutch oven.

We saw all kinds of critters and things...skinks, turtles, beautiful flowers, blackberries and even a copperhead snake!!!

The girls were divided up in patrols to get all the jobs done during their stay. There wasn't much for Maggie's patrol due to there only being 2 girls in her patrol that could come on the camp out. On her own, Maggie chose to be a dishwasher after every meal...who knew?

On this camp out the girls opted to sleep in tents. The adults chose the canvas tents and somewhat normal beds. When we've car camped as a family, we've always set up the tent on our own. I think next time we should make the kids!!! The night was very humid, sticky and hot...

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Ms. Musters said...

Does that mean I can count on Maggie to help pitch tents in my classroom for the last week of school?!