Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Galveston Historical Museum

We went to the Galveston Historical Museum and the best thing about it was the brass beacon light from the Galveston South Jetty Lighthouse! The original light was an incandescent oil vapor light with a power of 23,000 candles! The South Jetty Lighthouse was automated in 1972 and the brass beacon light was removed and placed in the museum at that time. It was truly amazing to see up close! Afterwards, we went to the Pier 21 Theater to see The Great Storm. Last year in school Maggie was required to read The Day it Rained Forever so she had a bit of an interest in furthering her knowledge concerning the devastating hurricane of 1900. Many times today, Maggie commented on the seawall that was built because of the hurricane and how wonderful it was for the city to continue to live and grow.

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