Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NOAA Sea Turtle Hatchery

The main reason for initiating the whole Galveston trip today was to visit the NOAA sea turtle hatchery to see if it could be a suitable field trip for my 1st grade class next year. It’s an unprepossessing set up, behind the campus of Texas A&M, but fascinating. We took a tour with one of the marine scientists and heard about all the work they do... rescuing eggs, monitoring hatchlings, testing shrimp net escape devices etc., as well as see a real Turtle Excluder Device in a fishing net in the yard. Maggie was really impressed with the simplicity of the TED device...a special net that allowed sea turtles and other marine animals to easily escape shrimp nets. We especially enjoyed the unlimited, up-close and personal time with the sea turtles!

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