Tuesday, August 12, 2008

3 Cups of Tea

A friend suggested I read 3 Cups of Tea and quite frankly, I couldn't put it down! It's about a climber that failed to climb K2 and ended up in a remote village near death. He was overwhelmed by the inhabitants' unconditional kindness and promised to return one day to build a school. He not only kept his promise of one school but built over fifty...especially focusing on education for girls. I finished the book last night (way past my bedtime) and decided to incorporate a related program in my own classroom designed for school children called Pennies for Peace. As I prepare my classroom my mind keeps imagining what it must be like for those less fortunate. A penny in the USA is thought of as nothing but can buy a pencil in Pakistan...and the beginning of an education. It costs $1/month for a child's schooling and $1/day to pay a teacher's salary (yikes!). Our pennies in 1st grade could really make a difference...what a great way for a 6 year-old to feel such empowerment!

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