Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sacred Sunday

Not my usual Sacred Sunday cross but this seemed appropriate. I know this sounds very "old church lady" ...but I am on the banner guild at church. All the babies baptized receive a baptism lovely is that? Anyway, why I agreed to do a banner that was needed the day before school starts I'll never know...other than I've lost my mind! I actually forgot about it (I knew ALL summer) and didn't finish it until I got back from a dinner out with friends last night. Arg!!! Nothing better than last minute. Unfortunately, the banner went to a family that goes to the 11:00 service and I didn't get a chance to see who Annabelle Lauren was...I never seem to know who the banners go to. :-(

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Nikki said...

Just wanted to let you know that Annabelle is an adorable little girl with short, curly hair. Her baptism gown was beautiful and she seemed so proud to be wearing it. As Jim held her for the baptism, Annabelle looked all around and made eye contact with so many people, and then she clapped! Thank you for making such a beautiful banner for her!