Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cancer Free, thank you

Our surgery time was 5:30 AM ...but glad to have it. I've got horror stories ( I will spare you the horrible stories ) of being too dehydrated to find a vein for IV's if the time is after 10:00 AM. Nothing looked suspicious and I talked Dr. Wood into checking me next in June vs. the busiest month for me...May. We celebrated later with Maggie...getting ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles!

A big Thank You to Martha (Myers' nanny) for bringing Maggie to church choir after school, my substitute that stayed for both days and did a great job and Kari for making sure Maggie got to tennis in one piece. And especially to the Enos' for bringing Maggie home from church, having her spend the night with them (Ben loved this!), getting Maggie's reading minute log added up and letting her wear Jennifer's shoes to school the next day!

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