Wednesday, November 12, 2008


It had been a long day at MD Anderson. It started with me arriving at the parking garage with a sign that read FULL. I saw a few cars leaving so I took my chances. It paid off...or so I thought! Thank you to Irene (one of my current parents and breast cancer survivor) for breaking up my day to have lunch with me at the lovely MDA cafeteria, Waterfall Cafe. The appointments were long and uneventful. I actually got some grading done. As I got on the elevator to go home I noticed a big full moon above the hospitals over the Medical Center skyline and I was thinking I spent way too much time there. Just at that moment I get a text from good friend, Jennifer. Honestly, it said "Go look at the moon. It's a sign that only good things are coming." I went to the parking garage and somehow didn't see the giant, white pillar in the almost empty very well lit parking garage. I should have valeted.

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Ms. Musters said...

Getting ready to post on my blog and noticed your new posting. The picture is amazing and I agree it is a sign that good things are coming. I will be thinking of you.