Saturday, January 17, 2009

Grand Torino

I'm not usually a huge Clint Eastwood fan but I liked his newest movie, Grand Torino. I had a movie gift card ready to burn and Maggie was off having fun at her Grandmother's house...what a cheap date!

Ian and I tried to see the movie last night but it was CRAZY crowded. So much so...we had to turn away and go home. To make the movie tonight, we had to leave the house an hour earlier than the start time! Ian said, "This is like going to the airport!"

At one point in the movie I got a sweet text from Maggie that said, "Good night, Mommy. I love you." And she included a photo of herself. I'm so glad I gave her that phone! No regrets. I LOVE that she knows she has contact with me at all times. I pray the feeling will last...

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