Friday, January 16, 2009


I would have not chosen for Maggie to be in the spelling bee...too much pressure for her. As fate would have it, she won her class bee which qualified for her to go on to the big school one. We were given the test booklet when we let out for the Christmas break...all 1,006 words! I just prayed Maggie wouldn't draw #1 for participant order and worse, be the first publicly booted off the stage! As luck would have it, Maggie drew #1. She was first to introduce herself and do a practice word. She refused to get was gut wrenching to watch! She finally got up and did great. She ended up going through 3 rounds. She lost on an easy one...stethoscope. We skipped studying that one...Ian thought she knew it. In the end, Maggie had a good time and hopes to have a chance next year! I'm thankful for a positive experience!

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