Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sacred Sunday

I have ceramic crosses from a trip to San Antonio embedded into the mosaic back splash behind our stove.

When Ian and I were first married we went to a different church. We stayed through my pregnancy and even had Maggie baptized there. It was very anonymous. We dutifully went every week and sort of got something out of it...we thought. After a while, I felt in my heart there was something missing but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. When Maggie was 4 I was asked to be the Godmother of my best friend's baby. It was at Palmer and I had to go to a few meetings to fill my obligation. I was hesitant...I didn't want to go to there. I hadn't stepped foot in that church since the day of my 1st marriage...what a disaster. To our surprise, the day of the baptism changed our life. We knew instantly what was missing. There was a connection. We made new friends. We had support. We have a great place to raise Maggie. All of us are involved in various ministries to help others. Maggie is in choir. Her girl scout troop meets there. Their support was unconditional. I found that out when I got sick. We are loved. What we felt in that one service made it clear we were home. We love our church family.

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Gay Stricklin said...

I have a very strong memory of your family coming to Palmer. I am grateful that all three of you are a part of the family. We love you too.