Sunday, November 15, 2009

better days to come...

One of many roses in our side flower garden.

Monica had to be rushed to the MDACC ER last night after what seemed like an allergic reaction to one of her perscriptions - a Lidoderm patch for pain. They've done blood work and x-rays and have told her to wait to talk to the surgical team in the morning. Monica is very worried and is going through quite a bit of pain. We pray that time goes quickly and that all this makes sense soon!
UPDATE: After meeting with her doctors, everything points to an allergic reaction. She has to promise to never touch a Lidoderm patch again! I don't hink it was a hard promise to make. Anyway, the silver lining in her being in the ER unexpectedly is that they see she's dealing with more pain than they'd like her to be in, so they've sent her up to the pain management specialists. She will also have a brain scan this afternoon, which is purely precautionary and has been on her schedule for a while. That's all for now, Jennifer

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