Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a girl's best friend

I'm so glad we have Rosie...she is so loved!
Today Monica saw a head and neck specialist to start working on her voice. She had a laryngoscopy done where they basically put a camera down her throat and checked out how her larynx was working. She got to watch afterwards, which she said was really interesting! The test confirmed that her left vocal chord is essentially paralyzed as a result of the lung surgery. She was given 2 choices: one that would last 3-6 months and one that is permanent. Monica has chosen to go the permanent route, which means she'll have another surgery soon to insert an implant that will help her chords close properly. One really interesting thing the specialist told her is that the tiredness and shortness of breath she's experiencing are directly related to her larynx problems...not her lungs. On other notes, she is healing well but still struggling with nausea. She was free of this for a good 5-6 days, so don't know if this is a reaction to medication or a bug. Thanks, everyone, for so many prayers and good thoughts! - Jennifer

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