Wednesday, November 4, 2009

sweet memories

We had a lovely visit with 2 favorite people we never see anymore...Mrs. Ellen and Ms. Jill. They are mother daughter and also happen to be Maggie's infant and toddler teacher's from her Bethany days. They came to visit me and of course, Maggie!

I am so happy to share some good news! Monica and Ian were referred to a thoracic surgeon quite unexpectedly at MDACC and met with him this morning! He said he could take the tumor out of her lung since there was no other cancer found! This is good news and she has been scheduled for surgery on Monday! This is the first time that she has been told they could remove it, so this is really great! As I mentioned before, the source of the cancer is important when designing any kind of this is really important. The surgery she's having is called a thoracotomy, and her doctor is Dr. Reza Mehran. As for the surgery itself, he says that while it is a big-deal surgery, it will be similar in risk and recovery as to when Monica had her kidney removed 4 years ago, so she has a reference and knows what is coming. Thanks for your continued support and prayers, and keep them coming! - Jennifer

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