Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Best Day Ever!

When something amazing and wonderful mother calls it a Christmas Miracle.

Here's ours. I needed to run home during my lunch break (I only live a few blocks from school) to get a camera battery. I see utility trucks at the corner of my street where there has been a wire hanging in the street since the hurricane. I get excited because it is the first utility truck I've seen in our neighborhood in days. I turn onto my street and I notice many of the extension cords running from powered homes to dark homes are gone. Good sign. I'm almost to my house and I see that our porch light is on!!! Hallelujah. I walk into the house to find the security alarm beeping and the cat sleeping in the refrigerator trying to keep cool! I later saw tractors starting to collect tree debris...they've got a long way to go!

It's now Day 12 and many of our friends are still without power...some just blocks away. I pray their Christmas Miracle comes soon.
Notice the only thing we have left are coffee beans, cooking wine and water!

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