Thursday, September 25, 2008

Love Thursday

This Love Thursday is dedicated to all those that helped our family through the unforgettable storm we've been living in the past 2 weeks.

A phone given by a stranger from their store so we could have a land line that worked. A power cord from a neighbor across the street to give us light. A refrigerator to hold Maggie's school lunches. Many friends shared their food resources. Ice deliveries were made to our house numerous times. Washer and dryers were made available to us. A friend washed all of Maggie's school clothes. Free or inexpensive activities for children offered by area businesses. A cool bed when we just couldn't take the heat any longer. An outlet to charge phones. A generator and window unit when a co-worker didn't need it anymore. Hot coffee. A hot shower. A parent bringing me lunch on my first day back to work. Daily texted messages of support when we couldn't get any phone calls in or out. The librarian that helped me figure out the free WiFi at the library. A hair dryer. Friends and neighbors that took Maggie on fun adventures to take her mind away from home. A cool place to sit. More wine than I care to remember. Prayers. The linemen from Missouri that restored our power. Endless offers of support.

In my classroom I've been telling the children that kindness is contagious. Thank you for proving that I was right.

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Mommy said...

Kindness is contagious in times of crisis. If only we could convince our world to share the same kindness on an ordinary day. I am so glad you have power again. Hooray! Love the picture of your kitty in the fridge. Glad those doors didn't close on her before you made it home.