Thursday, September 18, 2008

Laundry Day

For a change of pace...and for the sake of clean laundry (and maybe our sanity)...Maggie and I joined a friend and her son to go to her aunts house nearby to hang out in air-conditioned wonderland. While clothes were washing we went to the Village to eat lunch and poke around the stores. It was amazing to us that many businesses were open. There was a limited menu at La Madeline but we were happy to have ice and non "cooler" food. To make things exciting, Ben threw up. :-) We gave in to Candilicious with no intentions of buying anything. Amazingly, there was a Lincoln Log builder set that was 90% off and cost only $3. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make Maggie's day with little effort or expense! That is the one toy she always wanted but never got. As she got older it felt ridiculous to get such a toy for someone that I felt sure she would outgrow soon...she never did. Every time we go to Ben's house they always have the Lincoln Logs out for her. She was so pleased...Ben understood why she was getting a treat and he wasn't. We went back to her aunt's house to find laundry folded (I won't tell Ian Jennifer's mom folded his underwear!). We enjoyed iced drinks and the kids built a snowman out of junk from around the house!

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