Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sacred Sunday

Grandminnie's parents (immigrants from Russia) grave behind hers
Mom and Howard recently got back from Cleveland to attend Grandminnie's unveiling ceremony. Of course, I am not of the Jewish faith, but she was.

Jewish law requires that a tombstone be prepared, so that the deceased will not be forgotten and the grave will not be desecrated. It is customary in some communities to keep the tombstone veiled within a 12-month mourning period. The idea underlying this custom is that the dead will not be forgotten when he is being mourned every day. There is generally a formal unveiling ceremony when the tombstone is revealed.

It is also customary in some communities to place small stones at a graveside when visiting it. The custom is not universal, even among traditional Jews, and there seems to be some doubt as to how it originated. It seems to have superstitious origins. It's a little like leaving a calling card for the dead person, to let them know you were there. Stones, unlike flowers, are permanent and do not get blown away in the wind.

We wished we could have been there. May Grandminnie rest in peace. We miss her.

Grandminnie with Maggie on her 80th birthday in the chapel we were married in - her wedding day

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