Saturday, September 27, 2008

Volleyball Girls Rock!

Red team vs. the Bad News Bears!
We arrived at the YMCA minutes before Maggie's first volleyball game of the season. I saw the opponents practicing outside in their matching red shirts. I got a little worried. The buzzer rang and it was time to go onto the court. The red team looked huge (we are on a 10-12 year-old league) and I was convinced they were all 12 and a half! Maggie (who is barely 9) and a few of her friends looked like babies compared to them. Not to mention, our team shirts had not arrived and everyone was very mismatched. We looked like the Bad News Bears...I was nervous about what would unfold in the next hour. Boy was I's games were the best I've been to in the 4 seasons of volleyball we've been involved in. Our girls gave the Reds a run for their money! Maggie had been unable to get the ball over the net (in the new age have to serve from the back of the court) in the practices but today was able to blast them over every time! Surprisingly, Maggie and Emily really shined with the serves. The games were great and am looking forward to next weeks was a great start to the new season.

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